Star Fruit Benefits for Hair Growth

The sub-tropical carambola carambola is also known as the shape of pentagon. If at the end, or cross questions, the result is a form of five-pointed star. Bittersweet, Carambola Hotel is in a wide variety of popular dishes, but it's just eaten. Rich in vitamins and amino acids, is good neither to eat star fruit for skin and hair, but many of the fruit is large enough to produce a significant effect on general health.

Vitamin C

Star fruit rich in vitamin C prevents colds, it can help promote healthy skin and helps to form collagen. Having too little vitamin C does not cause hair loss, but leads to problems with iron absorption, which in turn can cause hair loss.

Eating fruit helps maintain healthy skin and allow a star, what other nutrients that are good for body and hair in the body circulate.

B group vitamins

Carambola or star fruit also contains thiamin, riboflavin and niacin in small quantities. All these vitamins help your metabolism strong and stable. These hair vitamins for the processes involved in follicular growth to continue.

General Health

In addition to vitamins A and B, carambola is rich in fiber and iron. Like many fruit water low in calories too. If you do not give a result of the body like a vitamin C tablet, 500 mg as a rule, eat fruits rich in natural vitamins, eat, it is important for the body and keep them healthy.

In many countries, carambola used as home remedies for hangovers things like sunburn, and also cure eczema. Carambola is not your hair with a long mane of luxury in the middle of the night for some time, but for good health.


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