Star Fruit: Questions & Ideas (Part 2)

Have you ever had star fruit?

Yes I have had it. But i've never seen it in wal-mart because it's a pretty tropical fruit. Florida has them. I have a relative there that ships them to me.

What is the healthiest way to eat star fruit?

Oh, it is so delicious! Eat it fresh! Either with other fruit on a plate or in a salad, or by itself.

Where can i buy star fruit in san Diego?

Try a chinese market like 99 Ranch.

How do you know if a star fruit is ripe and how is star fruit eaten?

It should smell fragrant and be about as soft as a just-ripe cherry. Slice it across so each piece has the distinctive 5-star shape. Flick out the seeds and discard them. Eat the fruit in a mixed fruit salad, on a fruit plate with other sliced fruits and cheeses, or on its own.

How to know when star-fruit is ripe?

It'll turn yellow and smell like fruit--right now it prolly has no smell at all

How do you grow star fruit?

You get an Averrhoa carambola tree, and plant it in a frost-free place, with as much sun as you can give it, and 70 inches of rainfall a year and high humidity. Actually, you need tow different varieties, as they need cross-pollination to set fruit.

I bought a star-fruit today and don't know what to do with it. How does one eat it?

Cut it in slices and eat it. Or put it in a fruit salad...very delicious fruit.

Why is the carambola (star fruit) specially toxic for people on dialysis?

I'm sure you know that the most common reason a fruit should be avoided is because of potassium. The citrus/tropical fruits are especially high in potassium. A great dietitian I worked with had a great philosophy that there isn't anything you can't have, just things you might only be able to have in small portions or infrequently. My recommendation would be to only have a small amount, like one or two bites, just before dialysis. Make that just about your only potassium foods for the day, and you'll probably be okay. Be sure to NOT do this just before your labs get drawn (because it will throw them way off) and don't do it over the weekend, when your potassium will be built up to its highest level. I would recommend double-checking this advice with your dietitian.

What is the Star Fruit's Class + Phylum + Kingdom?

Averrhoa obviously belongs to the kingdom Plantae. It's in the division (phylum is equivalent to the botanical term "division") Magnoliophyta, and the class Magnoliopsida.

When is star fruit in season?

That depends upon where it's grown. It's becoming more common in the US (comes from Asia) and may be grown year-round in hothouses. Not all grocery stores carry it; you may need to shop around. It's not really very flavorful, but it has the attraction of turning into stars when cut into thin slices. You might look for an Asian market in a large city...

What origin is star fruit?

The carambola (star fruit) is a species of tree native to Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia and is popular throughout Southeast Asia Malaysia and parts of East Asia. It is also grown in Dominican Republic, Brazil, Peru, Ghana, Guyana, Tonga, Taiwan, French Polynesia and Australia. Carambola is commercially grown in the United States in south Florida and Hawaii.

How and what parts of a star fruit is eaten?

Everything is edible, however, some don't like to eat the chewy seed part in the center of the star fruit.

What is the price of an individual Star Fruit?

A large one in season, about $2.00. If you shop at Whole Foods, about twice the amount. ( It depends where you shop) Fair price $2.00.

Is there such thing as chocolate covered star fruit?

I don't know where you could buy them, but you could make them. Combine 16 oz. chocolate chips with 2 TBS shortening. Melt together in a double boiler or microwave, stirring often. Slice the starfruit and pat dry. Insert a toothpick into the starfruit slice and dip into chocolate. Lay on waxed paper or stick the toothpicks into styrofoam and put in the fridge till the chocolate is set. This works for most kinds of fruit.

Does anyone know where i can buy star fruit in new york city?

Almost any decent fruit store. In season in NY about November. or heck out asian grocery markets. star fruits only come on specific seasons though. you might have to ask them when they will come.

Where can I find star fruit?

You can buy from grocery store at where all the imported fruit section is such as coconut, dragon fruit, papaya, and asian pear, perismons and few star fruit on the shelves there, i seen it yesterday when i went to my grocery store. not alot maybe few but they will have more in early summer, if you can find in your grocery store then go to one of those fruit/vegetable farmers market near your area.

How do you tell a star fruit is ripe?

The fruit starts out green, and goes to yellow as it ripens, though it can be eaten in both stages.


Linda Varela said...

Actually, starfruit contains a neurotoxin that can cause serious harm or even death to kidney patients on dialysis, so it is NOT acceptable in ANY amounts to dialysis patients, or other people with kidney problems. This is from multiple dialysis dietitians, and reputable medical professionals. Please rethink editing that particular portion of your page! My husband is on dialysis, we've been told repeatedly to avoid starfruit, they even advise against me having it in the house for myself, to avoid possibly cross contaminating while prepping fruit and the likes. As for where to find them, I live in Oklahoma, and have seen them at WalMart for most of the last decade . . .

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