Star Fruit: Questions & Ideas

What is a star fruit and where can I find?

Some walmarts sell them/it. its usually only found in southern states (U.S. that is). try out some grocery stores. its not a very hard fruit to find

Where can i find star fruit in las vegas?

Check the small family owned grocery stores

What is a star fruit, how is it prepared.?

Star fruit is also called Carambola. It has five long ridges that run down the length of the fruit so when you slice it, it is the shape of a star. The fruit is mostly yellow. but you may find them with some green left on them in the store. These would just need to ripen more. The very tips of the ridges turn brown when the fruit is ripe. It is fine to eat the skin, but some star fruits will have seeds in them which you should not eat.

It tastes like a mix of apple and citrus, a little sweet and a little tart. You can just slice and eat, or add to a fruit salad or fresh fruit tart, or chop and add to a mixed greens salad with a raspberry vinagrette dressing.

If i cut a star fruit how long will it stay yellow? a few hours, 12 hours, day?

If you cut the fruit and put it in the fridge it would star yellow until tomorrow. It might turn brown a little but you probably wouldnt even notice it.

Where can you buy Star Fruit in Las Vegas?

Publix has them, Krogers has them, and Walmart occasionally do. I've only been to Vegas once, so I'm not sure if they have these stores. Hopefully they do :)

Where can I find star fruit in Southern California?

Star fruit is available fresh at most supermarkets year round, though the season does affect whether it is sweet or tart. Sweet Star fruit is available from summer to early winter. Tart Star fruit is available from late winter to late spring

Where can I buy a star fruit in Utah?

Only at the fruit wholesale market..

What in the world is Star fruit and WHY does it taste so weird?

I actually like it. It's so pretty sliced up like little stars- wedged between kiwi and a strawberry. Try it that way!

Have you heard of the star fruit myth? How do you cut a star fruit?

You just slice it...when it is sliced it resembles a dont peel it..just rinse it offf 1st they have the taste simular to a grape!!! very yummyyyyy

Can I just wash a star fruit - cut of ends off and eat it ? Or do I peel it ?

Me too. I love star fruit. I usually just peel off the upper layer of the ridge part.

Have you ever eaten "li hing mui" powder with chilled and cut star fruit?

Yes I have eaten it star fruit and you can also eat it with Guava. The other way to eat cut star fruit is by dipping it in a dark soy sauce with red cilli.

How are you supposed to eat a star fruit?

You can eat the skin. Peeling it off would be a total mess. The skin adds a sourness to the fruit flavor. But you might want to take off the dark line of skin on the tips of all the points it's a bit fibrous. Then, slice it so that the pieces of fruit resemble stars. Or.. you chould just eat it like an apple, and spit out the tiny seeds.

I just ate a star fruit, am i gonna get sick?

I've eaten it many a time and I've never gotten sick. I think your fine. The only way you'll be getting sick is if you freak out so much. And that will be from freaking out, not the star fruit.

How do you deal with a star fruit?

I think you just wash it and cut it into slices, with the skin on. They taste kinda like grapes.

Where can i get dragon or star fruit in san diego?

I've found them at the standard Ralph's and Vons just about anywhere. I think it's the Vons in Point Loma that has a pretty good sized produce section. Otherwise, check out "Ranch 99", an asian food superstore, at 7330 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. I've seen some pretty exotic fruits there, but really, check the standard stores first, I'm pretty sure they sell them.

How long does it take for star fruit to ripe?

Starfruit or carambola should be a nice a golden yellow color when ripe. A little brown around the edges won't hurt. If you are keeping them in the fridge they won't ripen. Leave at room temp for a day or two. If they are already at room temp then try putting them in a brown paper bag for a day or two.

How long does it take a star fruit to grow after pollination occurs?

I could not find any time references to your question either on wikipedia and other any other reference sources. However, from a conversation with a farmer in Hawaii many years ago my recollection is that it takes about 4-5 months.

What do you do with a star fruit?

I see them in tescos as well i think you peel it and eat, i tried reduced lychees they were weird but nice lol

When can you get star fruit in the UK?

You should be able to get starfruit in most supermarkets - I have seen them in Tesco. If you have a greengrocers they may have them, too. They are in season from late summer to midwinter, although these days, like any other fruit, probably can get most times of year (although fruit in season is always better!).

How do you eat a star fruit?

I've seen white tourists in Hawaii on TV eat it like corn on the cob, without peeling or anything. Of course, they must have washed it beforehand, and spit out the seeds when the camera wasn't rolling. They just held the opposite ends and bit into it. This was when the starfruit was yellow and ripe.

In our house, my family eats starfruit when it is still green and slightly sour. We just cut it into half-inch slices, crosswise (so you the slices are like stars) and dip them in a bit of salt. I think a lot of Asians eat sour fruits like this, you should try it. Yes there are seeds, so you should put out a dish you can put the seeds into.


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Star fruit plant can be grown in containers also. It has two varieties one is very sour other one sweet which taste very good. I purchased one two feet high plant having numerous buds from nursery & planted it in big container on terrace. Fruits have come in it after 15 days. These may remain small in size but plant & fruits look very beautiful.

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