Star Fruit Nutritional Value

The carambola or star fruit is unique in the tropical regions of the world has grown. Indonesia and India, its popularity has led to distribution throughout the world. It is also known as an excellent fruit with high nutritional value.

Low Fat
A typical star fruit - 8.4 inches long - no more than 33 calories and 0.4 grams of fat. This, together with its sweet and sour taste makes it a popular addition to refrigerators in the diet. "

Digestive Health
Every star fruit edible, even the skin. In fact, the skin is rich in tannins, which supports the process of regulating the gut and has been an effective treatment for diarrhea. The interior of the fruit is rich in fiber, which also helps regulate the digestive system.

Grow A Star Fruit Tree

Well, if you like fruit but want something more than an apple tree to grow old and want to try something more exotic to try. So why not a rising star fruit tree?

They have their roots in Asia and grows as a medium-sized tree 25-30 meters. As the name suggests, that the cultivation of fruits are star-shaped, at least when they are open! The fruits are harvested when they are 3-6 cm in length (but not more than six inches).

Although the classification of most of us, like an exotic fruit, are relatively easy to grow, despite living in a relatively warm climate. In northern Europe, can grow in a greenhouse to hear, but to fight, because the reduction in temperature at night in winter, and its dimensions of 20 meters or more mature, would prove unmanageable.

However, if you live in a warmer climate, with a high moisture content, such as southern Europe or trying a rising star of fruit trees as follows: -

Health Benefits of Star Fruit

Star fruit also known as carambola is a juicy tropical fruit that is grown throughout Southeast Asia. Star fruit is green when unripe; the fruit vary from pale yellow to deep amber when ripe. It has four to six strongly pointed ridges that run from top to bottom, and the soft flesh is encased in a thin waxy, translucent skin (which is eaten together with the flesh). When the fruit is cut crosswise each slice is shaped like a star, hence its named, “star fruit.”

The fruit, which is mostly consumed fresh or as juice, is rich in vitamins A and C and it also has iron, and has high fiber content. The taste varies from sour to sweet, one way of distinguishing the sour variety from the sweeter ones is that the former has narrower ribs, while the latter have thicker, fleshy ones. Unripe star fruit is preserved in many parts of Southeast Asia and is used as a traditional remedy.

Slice and Eat a Star Fruit


Seeing a star fruit (or starfruit) in the grocery store can be a little intimidating or seem ‘too exotic’ if you’ve never sliced and eaten one your self, but don’t be scared, it’s delicious and easy. The best looking star fruit may not be the most ripe and delicious, so choosing the right one is important. Your best bet is to find the fruit with the least amount of green on the edges and the richest orange color. This could mean there are some brown edges, but if they are small, that indicates it’s at its optimum ripeness.

I have tried buying green star fruit and letting them ripen to a bright orange color, but they are always much more bitter than finding the fruit at the stand that has spent more time ripening on the tree. It really is hit or miss, so if you find a good source for them, stick with it. In Costa Rica there is a farmers market in the Pavas area of San José that has a lot of stands with star fruit, which they call carambola, but we have our favorite of course. You can find the market extending down about 500 meters along the street running beside the Palí in Pavas every Saturday morning.

Star Fruit is best for health

Carambola other than star fruit , now star fruit is available all over the Andhra Pradesh and in India also, it looks like a star when you cut the fruit horizontally, this juicy fruit is tasteful to eat, so people can eat the fruit directly, due to the wax coating on the star fruit the fruits are shining just like the grapes, full ripe fruits are in yellow color and they are sweet, sour is very less in ripe star fruits, but we cannot say the exact taste of Star fruit, some body says that the taste of this Star fruits are mixed taste of apple, pear and citrus fruits ,but some persons says that the taste was mixed taste of Papaya ,Orange and Grape fruit, but the raw Star Fruit is in green color and taste is some what sour, but there are two types of Star fruits are sour fruit and sweet fruit, the sweet star fruit will be available from summer season to autumn season and the sour fruit will be available from the end of summer to middle of winter

Star Fruit have lot of medicinal values

Anti oxidants , fiber and vitamin C are available abundantly in Star fruits,
Star fruits reduce the Cholesterol and remove constipation
Star fruit reduce the Jaundice effect in the body
Star fruit best heat reducer , reduce the excess heat in summer and avoid sun stroke
Star fruit is good for mothers of newly born babies for more breast milk
Star fruit will reduce the burning sensation of eyes
Star fruit is best for indigestion, flue fever and cold also be removed
Star fruit will reduce the excess weight just like Kokum fruit and passion fruit, best for obesity patients
Note:but avoid eating of this fruit those who are suffering with kidney troubles

Clean Eating Star Fruit

Okay. So the title of this post is rather redundant. Star fruit is a fruit. Of course it’s clean. But since I start every post with “Clean Eating”, I didn’t want this little post to feel left out. So there you have it.

I’m starting a new section on my blog. Every month, I will have an “Ingredient Of The Month”.  First, I’ll tell you about the ingredient, and then I’ll give you a recipe or a good way to use it. You ready for this? Go on… be brave!

Ingredient Of The Month:

So, if you’ll pardon the pun, the “star” for this month is Star Fruit.

About This Ingredient:

This fabulous fruit is known in Asia for curing many things that ail you. It’s even good for hang overs! How many fruits can claim that?

It’s very high in vitamin C, and is fabulously refreshing in the hot summer months that are coming at us like a full-force freight train (say that 5 times fast!)

Using Star Fruit in Savory Recipes

Star Fruit is a fruit with five points, also known as carambola. This result differs somewhat "sweet and sour and bitter. The yellow star as a fruit, the sweeter the flavor will be. The fruit is delicate and bruises to be careful with them.

You can use it in recipes for soups, salads and recipes for cakes or to make curry. Because of its attractive star shape when cut in half carambola often used as a garnish. You can cut and bake as a side dish or a simple carom for a few slices of meat or fish and stir fry vegetables to add flavor and color.

The result is a very sweet fruit, which means it is ideal for use in savory dishes, if you want a semi-sweet flavor. You can of course strawberries, apples and other fruits in savory and sweet recipes taste, slightly sour fruit stars and acid used, is ideal for use in recipes where a touch of sweetness and fruit.

This fruit has been cultivated for centuries in Southeast Asia, but is a relatively recent addition to Western cuisine. When shopping for star fruit, it must be one that is bright yellow, fragrant and firm.

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