Star Fruit Origins

The carambola or star fruit has many names as sources. It is an evergreen tree with fruit production of low ash in the form of a gold star. Depending on the variety, the flavor varies from sweet to sour. Carambola is a tropical and subtropical regions, because there are low temperatures early in places like Florida, where it is grown as an exotic fruit will survive. The exact origin of the plant have not been established.


The statement was made in the Malay archipelago carambola in Malaysia. Since 2010, the country produces weapons for local consumption and export to Europe. The legend is that the star grew wild on the islands before and somehow migrated centuries ago. It was discovered growing in India by Portuguese sailors brought with them the fruits of Africa and South America carambola The name may be derived from a Sanskrit word "karma ranga" and "snack" means. Malaysians living in India or in the former Portuguese colony of Goa, an island off the coast of India, the names are translated into their language.

Sri Lanka and China

Additional funding for the star fruit in Sri Lanka and southern China, where the plant was cultivated and used for centuries to come. Taiwan and the Chinese provinces of Fujian, Guangdong and Guangxi will continue to provide ideal conditions for growth in the collision. Sri Lanka, off the coast of Tamil Nadu, India, explains that the tree is native to the island. There is a Sri Lankan carom in Gorak be like a red ball in Sri Lanka and the taste of food and thicker.

Moluccas and the Philippines

Maluku are often the source of the weapons and the Philippines for their own reasons, like a plant originally assigned claim. Carambola is widespread in the islands, because the plant is very similar to bilimbi. Bilimbi variety of sweet and sour is growing in the Moluccas and the Philippines. The tree is sensitive to cold than the carambola, and the fruit is green cucumber shaped bilimbi without first cousin, the gold emblem. The origin of bilimbi, but are also open to speculation.

Getting starfruit

When I arrived in Europe, was the stack as an exotic import from the East. It was a unique cuisine, rich with tables and real. Over time, the fruit has been cultivated and have become widely available in supermarkets. Since 2010, Central America and South America, Caribbean, Florida, Hawaii, Australia, Africa, India, Indonesia and carom Pacific Islands all products. Study of trees Rehovoth research station in Israel and starfruit grow.


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