Eating Starfruit for Acne

Starfruit is grown in Southeast Asia, but its popularity as a "super" has helped to spread to other areas. Farmers began rising star in South Florida and Hawaii because of the growing U.S. demand to be explored. Skin health, including the alleviation of acne, is one of the benefits of eating fruits stars.


Zinc is the main reason for the carambola can help cure acne. Zinc tablets and other preparations are often used to combat the causes of acne, starfruit, food is a tasty way to get more zinc in your diet.

After acne is caused mainly by two factors - hormonal imbalance and the accumulation of toxins in the blood and lymphatic system. Zinc regulates the sebaceous glands of the skin but can also help regulate the hormonal balance.

Zinc, vitamin A also helps heal wounds, ulcers, acne and helps to absorb. Also, the Zinc is an immune system booster to bacteria known to cause acne in the first fight.
To prevent oily skin

People with oily skin prone to acne, eating fruits and stars can contribute to oily skin. Carambola is acidic and contains a large amount of water. This combination, for the good life and good health of skin, oily skin, helps in two ways. The water helps wash impurities from the system and the juice cleanses the skin, removing oil and dirt. Meanwhile, contains powerful antioxidants, acidity, free radicals to prevent skin. Star fruit rich in fat and sugar in the blood that helps niacin can cause acne.
Inhibitors of zinc

Carambola primary healing of acne is, at its zinc content for those with acne to avoid eating foods that are inhibitors of zinc. They contain the complete absorption of zinc in the body and the benefits can occur. Those who suffer from acne should limit foods high in phytic acid, such as grain, high-level portions of two per day. The same applies to foods that are rich in soy protein.

Importantly, the carambola is probably a cure for acne. The addition of other supplements such as zinc mono-methionine can reduce the risk of acne.

Do not eat the fruit of the star, if you have kidney disease, can have dangerous consequences.


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