Cut and Eat Starfruit

An exotic fruit grown in tropical areas, the Starfruit is named after star-shaped single cutting. Thailand, Southeast Asia, South America, Hawaii and Florida, all these fruits and exports worldwide. Carambola is soft and a little "soft, but should be cut before consumption. The sweet, juicy, it's like a cross between an apple and grape. These fruits are rich in vitamin C and fiber and contains only 30 calories per fruit, cakes that a healthy and nutritious snack for everyone.

Wash the fruit in water or juice and specially designed for washing vegetables.

Cut the edges of the green or brown edges (tips) carambola with a sharp knife. Income is not very muted during this operation.

Cut the flat end of the tree is darker or removed. Cut the thin or thick pieces with your desires. Using the knife carefully remove the seeds.

Food on the floor, in salads or in combination with other types of fruit and yogurt for a smoothie. Squeeze and combined with the pear juice to drink.


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