Cut a Star Fruit

Star Fruit, usually grown in Thailand and parts of Southeast Asia, Australia, South America, Hawaii and Florida during the winter months. The fruit is rich in vitamin C, and only 30 calories. The fruit is also rich in antioxidants and flavonoids. Cut the star fruit and food preparation should not be many problems, but you have to cut the fruit before eating. Once you cut the fruit, you can refrigerate or freeze for later enjoyment.

Select a star ripe fruit. Ripe fruits have a yellow star. They have green. When you press the whole fruit.

Carambola Rinse with cold water.

Star fruit upright on a cutting board. Keep it, and cut with a sharp knife to cut the ends of the central dark cobwebs star. Cut the surface along the edges of the edges brown.

In turn the star fruit. Cut off the tip of the star fruit. It is where the nail was identified.

Carambola slices. Cut vertically into thin slices, so that each piece is shaped like a star. Can sliced ​​thick or thin as you want.

Use the knife to remove the seeds. They are dark brown and look like apple seeds.


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