Eat Star Fruit

Want to know how to eat star fruit? There are many ways to produce delicious fruit trees to enjoy as carambola kamranga or five fingers. In Western cooking is widely used as a cooking oil garnish, but is popular in many cultures, fruit juices, wine or eaten as is. It's like eating star fruit.

Choose a star fruit, or a tree farmer, "or supermarket. Polymerization at room temperature for several days after removal of the tree.

Slices of ripe star clean after washing. Eat as a snack or a meal.

Use slices of fruit such as star edges of drinks, including smoothies and cocktails.

Make a tray of fruits and vegetables, which looks like a flag. Use slices of fruit for the blueberries and blue stars at the top. In red and white stripes with cauliflower and tomatoes or strawberries.


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