Grow a Star Fruit Tree

The carambola or star fruit, a medium-sized tree, enjoying a delicious fruit in the world produces. This tree is native to tropical regions like India and Indonesia, but can, in many parts of the world are grown. States like California and Florida, the trees often grow because of warmer temperatures. The carambola is a welcome addition to any garden or home.

A seed in full sun. These trees are tropical and need plenty of sunlight. It can grow in any soil, even if acid soil is best for optimal growth and good drainage is necessary.

Tie the plant a pole or other support, to keep them straight and grow vertically until the roots grow.

Water the plant immediately after planting and then with water 3-4 times a week. This tropical plant grows best in moist environments. He has too much water to grow. This is especially important in regions with less humidity and dry soils.

Add fertilizer. It is a slow growing tree, so the fertilizer can help grow fruit faster and better.

Avoid pruning. Star fruit trees pruned and not at the expense of structure. I usually do not recover after circumcision.


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