Slice & Eat a Star Fruit

Known tropical carambola, also known as star fruit is yellow-green. Many people cut their food. Besides making it easier to eat the star-shaped slices are good. You can eat the whole fruit except the seeds. As with other fruits that contain vitamin C. Carambola are generally more expensive than other varieties of common fruits such as oranges and grapefruit.

Keep the red ball in cold water. Dust the fruit with your fingers.

Carambola perfectly flat on a cutting board. Cut the ends of the carambola. Check the sweet fruit, full of bruises and areas with the court.

Hold one end of the fruit with one hand. Overlap with the other hand, the fruit in thin slices across the width.

You can eat in your hand, or put the fruit in a fruit salad, yogurt, smoothies, pizza, dishes with fruit or nuts. For example, the spread of cream cheese and sugar in a cookie, a piece of star fruit on top, or use as a garnish for drinks.


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