Health Benefits of Star Fruit

Star Fruit is another name known Carambola. Carambola is mainly in South Asia. This tropical fruit is very juicy. The unripe fruit is green and the stars, once mature, the color is light yellow to dark amber. The shape of the fruit is like a star that is called. 4-6 The grooves of this result leads to a star in cross section. The fruit is eaten fresh star in order and many people like the juice in a unique way. Star fruit rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. It also contains iron and fibers. The sour fruit flavors usually stars, but there are some that are sweet tasting.

One of the many health benefits of fruit star that reduce cholesterol. The roots and leaves can be used for headaches, scarlet fever and the cure ringworm. If you come from a drunk the night before, star fruit, you eat when you wake up with a hangover prevention. Carambola 'also useful to relieve the heat. Eye irritation can be treated with fruit star. If you just want to give birth and breastfeeding, you eat fruit star, because it can help milk. Burns should be treated by eating the fruit of the sweet variety star. It 'also good for the treatment of nausea and indigestion. Why is star fruit rich in vitamin C, helps develop a strong immune system against colds and flu prevention.

Besides the health benefits of the fruit the star is also good for those trying to lose weight because it is rich in fiber. Carambola is also low in calories, ideal for dieters. Carambola fruit is really healthy because antioxidants and flavonoids, which are needed by the body to stay healthy has.


essay service said...

I have not eaten the star fruit before and didn't know its benefits. Surprised to know that it has so many health benefits.

Research conference said...

Great... Its filled with so many benefits for health. Vitamin C is very important for health and anemia problems. I wish this fruit could be available in our country too.

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