Select a Fresh Star Fruit

Star Fruit called star topology with the court. The flavor is a cross between a grapefruit and green melon, with a texture similar to a grape. The fruit is grown in Asia, South America, Australia and Hawaii and Florida. These fruits contain only 30 calories and rich in vitamins. They make a great snack. Although there is widespread over the years many people have never tried a star fruit, perhaps because it is difficult to know what to look for in a ripe fruit. These guidelines will help consumers to choose the healthiest, star fruit available.

Selecting a Fresh Star Fruit
Choose fruit that is yellow. Green, carambola are unable to mature. If you have a green star fruit, even some days can be on the surface. Star Fruit are packed in plastic bags. The fruit can be stored in your pocket and maturation.

Make sure the fruit has a waxy luster and is not boring.

Choose a star fruit without teeth. Some defects are fine until they interfere with the texture of the fruit.

The ribs of the star fruit brown when the fruit is ripe. This may sound corny, but that's part of the maturation process. If this color is very dark, can be removed when the fruit is cut down.


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