Peel a Star Fruit

Star Fruit (Carambola) - as the name suggests, a cut at both ends, cut the fruit looks like a five-pointed star. Even as a star fruit, exotic fruits that grow well in Florida and Hawaii, and South Asia. At maturity, the fruit is the star of golden light brown back. Although the skin is completely edible, some people find it best to peel before eating. It may be an impossible task, but a star fruit peels is not difficult.

Star Fruit, rinse with cold water. Clean with a cloth.

Place the fruit on board, or the cleaning of hard surfaces. Start by cutting the desired thickness of fruit on the side.

The slices on the table. Cut the brown tips of each of the five points.

Place the tip of a knife to cut. Carefully remove any traces behind, turning the fruit, if necessary, to the point where you started.

Take your knife and carefully remove the seeds. Enjoy your fruit is peeled stars.


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