Eating Star Fruit Raw

The Star fruit is a tropical fruit, also known as carambola, yellow skin or pale green. The flavor of this fruit is easy, "rough" a little. This result is known as the star, because the way in which, as a star like the fruit through the ribs, instead of watching the entire length. It is not the skin easy to peel fruit, but it is edible, so the results can be estimated easily without peeling.

Wash fresh fruits and water. Cut the brown edges on the coast and all points in discolored fruit with a sharp knife.

Fruit placed on a clean cutting board. Cut in half the time, the largest area of the fruit, which is perpendicular to the ribs. Keep sliced ​​fruit to the desired thickness. Remove seeds from fruit with the tip of the knife and discard.

Transfer slices of star fruit on a plate or bowl. Wash your hands after eating the fruit with bare hands or a fork, pierce. Alternatively, you can put the slices in a salad or dessert.


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