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Carambola or star fruit is a fruit of Southeast Asia to be a delicacy and a colorful Asian, salads and desserts. It grows in tropical climates in the United States and raised in Florida, California and Hawaii. The carambola is rich in vitamin C and low in calories, can be eaten whole, without looking like a drink of apple to use in recipes or as a decorative seal or cut, peeled fruit juice.

Visit this section for the production of a large supermarket or Asian grocery store. Check the products section of fruit or exotic or ask an employee for the production of fresh fruit department star. Starfruit are usually from July to February.

Enter for fruits, yellow, golden yellow are often with narrow brown lines on the edges and high points of the star. Avoid fruits that are environmentally friendly because they are immature. Avoid fruit that has begun to brown or brown, the fruit is ripe.

Press lightly with your fingers on the ripe fruit should feel firm, but with a soft wax on the skin. Do not pick the fruits that are soft or mushy.

Keep fruit at room temperature in the kitchen when you want to within two or three days. Carambola can be stored in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for a week. Wash gently before use.


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