Star Fruit is best for health

Carambola other than star fruit , now star fruit is available all over the Andhra Pradesh and in India also, it looks like a star when you cut the fruit horizontally, this juicy fruit is tasteful to eat, so people can eat the fruit directly, due to the wax coating on the star fruit the fruits are shining just like the grapes, full ripe fruits are in yellow color and they are sweet, sour is very less in ripe star fruits, but we cannot say the exact taste of Star fruit, some body says that the taste of this Star fruits are mixed taste of apple, pear and citrus fruits ,but some persons says that the taste was mixed taste of Papaya ,Orange and Grape fruit, but the raw Star Fruit is in green color and taste is some what sour, but there are two types of Star fruits are sour fruit and sweet fruit, the sweet star fruit will be available from summer season to autumn season and the sour fruit will be available from the end of summer to middle of winter

Star Fruit have lot of medicinal values

Anti oxidants , fiber and vitamin C are available abundantly in Star fruits,
Star fruits reduce the Cholesterol and remove constipation
Star fruit reduce the Jaundice effect in the body
Star fruit best heat reducer , reduce the excess heat in summer and avoid sun stroke
Star fruit is good for mothers of newly born babies for more breast milk
Star fruit will reduce the burning sensation of eyes
Star fruit is best for indigestion, flue fever and cold also be removed
Star fruit will reduce the excess weight just like Kokum fruit and passion fruit, best for obesity patients
Note:but avoid eating of this fruit those who are suffering with kidney troubles

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Thank you for sharing such an informative post. I didn't know about so much benefits of this unique fruit in fact I have never eaten this fruit before. It tastes really good.

Call for papers said...

Thanks for sharing this article about the stat fruit. I was not aware of the mazing benefits this fruit has. It is a must added fruit in daily diet.

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