Several Tips for Healthy Star Fruit

Movement self-vitamin can be started by the community by planting fruit trees or vegetables in yard. If every household has a fruit tree, it will not be visible fruit stalls filled with a variety of imported fruit. Star fruit is known to the public, a refreshing fruit flavor and elegant forms of plants flowered at the same time can be an ornamental plant. These plants are not familiar fruiting season, although the prolonged rainy season in Central Kalimantan in 2010, starfruit remain diligent to fruition.

Starfruit plant is quite easy, capital of manure only two zak cement, Urea, SP-36 and KCl each 1 kg given once every 2 months gradually during the half year. Easy enough doses of fertilizers mixed with mineral glass or simply by 2-3 hand and repeated again after the visible response of the indicated plants. The greater the dose of plant fertilizer increased. The schedule is flexible enough to cultivate, if seen the performance of plants began yellowing leaves and shoots growing point began to seem less fresh it has come time to fertilize again. If low doses the effect remanuring brief and more frequent

In order to establish a healthy star fruit is a simple tips for the wrapping of star fruit can be harvested with good quality and free of caterpillars. The photos here are cheap tips to form a healthy and quality star fruit.

Prepare packing materials are easily available starfruit, ie newsprint, dried banana leaves, cellophane tape, the former beverage bottles, rope, and scissors. Place the dried banana leaves on newsprint. The function of dried banana leaves as a template so that when rolled up in newspaper, then rolls it to form a tube, but if no banana leaves then roll of newsprint will be dented. Bottle serves as forming a tubular wrapper. Generally starfruit goddess has a diameter of more than 6 cm, so if you use a medium-size bottle then push the wrap will rip the fruit when the fruit aged 2 - 2.5 months after wrapped. It is actually quite bermanfat, because we can see that the fruit has begun to mature, and replaced again with a pack of large-sized bottles. After 2 weeks on the wrapper of the fruit ready for harvest. If the plant quite a lot and do not want to be bothered, it can be used directly wrapping large bottle sizes, but be careful of fruit that will be covered should be large enough or at least has a length of 8-10 cm, because if too small yet powerful fruit stalks bear the burden of packing size large relatively large. And to determine whether the fruit is ripe, should be felt by pressing pebungkus, if the fruit was large enough and dense it is necessary to be seen again whether the color also has reddish yellow.

After the sheet of newsprint and dried leaves neatly arranged, then put the bottle beside the paper rolled up newspaper and runs out, the paper taped to form a coil. Then the tip of newspaper tied with raffia. Paper which wrapped the bottle slowly withdrawn, then it is ready to wrap the star fruit.

Pick young star fruit with a size of about 8 cm long, straight shape not bent, perfect appearance and leaving just one fruit in a single clump of young fruit. Enter the wrappers and tie the ends tightly wrapping rather ketangkai fruit with raffia rope. The fruit has been safe in the wrapper until cooked.

Star fruit appearance after the age of 2.5 months showed good quality wrapped. Weight of fruit per item between 3 - 3.5 ounces, the length between 15-20 cm, diameter about 10 cm. Goddess starfruit plants grown on sandy soil in Palangkaraya Uruk to the age of 1.5 years after planting crops capable of up to 3 times per year, with a total of about 20 fruit once harvested.

Star fruit has been diligent fruitful though still-altitude 2 m, with stem diameter 6 cm. Appearances goddess starfruit tree in the yard, a double function as a source of vitamins and a beautiful ornamental plant. (Dr. A).


Tony Gaylord said...

Great tips here there are tons of great benefits you get from your fruits!

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Mantis Hugo said...

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I have heard about this star food but never knew its name and also i never had the idea that it could be that much beneficial thanks for all this information..

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