How to Eat Star Fruit

Want to know how to eat star fruit? There are many ways to enjoy this delicious fruit, star fruit produced by the class and also kamranga or five fingers. In Western cuisine is often used as a seal is not toxic, but many in the culture to use as the juice into wine or eat simply estimated. It's like eating star fruit.

STEP ONE: Choose a carom

To ensure that the fruit is clean, it acquires a uniform color. The skin should be shiny, and feel the fruit should be firm and know how to eat starfruit. The fruit other than the ribs are brown and withered. You can grow this fruit in the room and the ribs on the fire only when the chocolate, you know that the fruit is ripe. It can also be consumed as dried fruit, which is very tasty.

Step two: Star Fruit

A tropical fruit, carambola in two versions. A variety of sugar, while the other is slightly acidic. Learn how to create a precedent for the Star How to eat sour or bitter fruit is set, was narrow drive between the ribs, while sweet varieties are fleshy ribs Tues The flavor of these varieties is very similar, because the cake is a very soft variety.

Third step: the benefits of eating fruits stars

Carambola is full of vitamin C. This result is for the winter to prevent colds and flu in size. There is also a good result, so if you lose weight because low in calories and fat to prove it. There's no cholesterol or sodium carambola happy that for patients with high blood pressure or heart problems. The fruit is rich in antioxidants and falconoid stars, agents and quality health care anti-aging. It is supposed to know if you learn to eat the fruit stars

Step Four: As a fruit, not overripe Store

To save the fruit is mature enough and ready to eat, to warm the soil in plastic bags in the room when about 2 or 3 days to mature, or refrigerated for a week to ripen. Place the fruit is ripe, and often do not expect the side to mature.

Step Five: Eat Fruit

Eat fruit, wash and remove the affected part of the body, and remove the seeds from it. They may be partially or bite and eat. Other options are to be added to fruit salad, cooked, and after maintenance or cake. This can also be used as ornamental fish, pork or chicken recipes. You can add to a smoothie for the health of a swallow. These are the previous steps, such as eating starfruit.


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This blog is about how to eat the star fruit. The step are written quite nicely and deccribed in easy wordings. I will tell all the steps to my kids so that they do eat in the same way

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